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Importance of "phase 0"

Paul Wurth Geprolux's approach to project development and urban planning is based on a methodology and models that have been proven on many projects at different scales, both public and private.

The objective is to first analyse the client's needs and to define the project strategy on those basis, to be able to support the decision-making entity in the first stages of a project that is under development.

With this in mind, Paul Wurth Geprolux focuses on precise planning for the development phase of the project, also known as "phase 0". The investment of time and resources in these preliminary phases allows alternatives to be analysed at a time when (1) there is a high possibility of influencing costs and (2) costs of, for example, a change of the program are very low. This makes it possible to develop a precise idea of needs for future projects and minimizes the risk of costly changes in the process of detailed planning or even during the construction.

Our services:

  • Definition of project strategy and analysis of client needs
  • Analysis and definition of the property
  • Study of the regulatory context (Plan d'AmĂ©nagement GĂ©neral / Particulier, SUP, UVP, etc.)
  • Identification of the urbanistic and technical constraints of the property
  • Evaluation of the development potentials of the property
  • Assistance in setting up the project financing
  • Definition of the program (functional, technical and spatial)
  • Analysis and synthesis of the existing context
  • Feasibility studies (context, design, functionality, planning, profitability, etc.)
  • Organisation of competitions for architects, projects, town planning and ideas
  • Assistance in defining the organisation of the project
  • Certification and support for certification "DGNB Stadtquartiere"