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Let's exploit the potential of BIM!

The utilisation of BIM in construction projects has already demonstrated a wide range of benefits for all parties involved. Improved collaboration, increased coordination and quality of the design as well as the centralisation of project information are just a few examples of the advantages of BIM.

Any owner wishing to develop his project by using the BIM method requires a trusted partner who understands the contractual, technical and interface complexity of a BIM project. By entrusting us with a BIM project, we define and develop closely with the customer the structuring of the project and the documents outlining the expectations and informations needs.

With more than 15 years of experience in three-dimensional design on behalf of the steelmaking industry gained throughout the Paul Wurth Group, Paul Wurth Geprolux will ensure a smooth functioning of the BIM processes and the quality control of the models in all project phases.

Our services:

  • Assistance to implementation
  • BIM project structuring
  • Definition of needs and objectives
  • Definition of planner's scope of work
  • Elaboration of BIM documents
  • BIM workflow management
  • BIM coordination
  • Quality control of BIM models
  • Digitalisation and modelling of existing real estate assets