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Innovative and environmental solutions using mixed-energy concepts, renewable energy as well as smart building design are necessary to reduce the capital cost of equipment, consumption costs and finally also the carbon footprint. Therefore, Paul Wurth Geprolux has developed competences for future-oriented urban master planning, which aims at achieving resource and energy savings at urban district level and also considers potential renewable energies. Our specialists also develop efficient thermal exchangers for district heating units, heat recovery plants, and biomass heating systems.

In 2007, Paul Wurth Geprolux has developed its range of services to water and waste water engineering. Paul Wurth Geprolux covers all services from project management, consulting and engineering, while adopting innovative solutions to protect the environment and at the same time considering the life cycle costs of installations. Besides, Paul Wurth Geprolux provides also change management to government organisations in order to increase assessment efficiency, improve information systems and assess determined investment projects.